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I loved watching Regina become part of the family. It’s a beautiful sight to behold.”

Nice for her how it happens without her having to regret anything or apologize.  I love how realistic it is.  She’s literally sitting with three people she’s tried to kill and one person she did.

I would have loved this as a closing scene for the series, after Regina and Snow had a good conversation with Regina asking Snow to forgive her, and them working on their relationship.  This scene would have meant so much if it had been worked for.  

To Henry, though, this is him with his mom and three of her friends.  

"This scene would have meant so much if it had been worked for."


  • Saving Mary Margaret and Emma
  • Saving the town
  • Becoming an ally
  • Keeping Emma’s heart from growing dark
  • Saving Henry
  • Getting everyone safely home
  • Stopping a curse
  • Giving happy memories to Emma and Henry 
  • Saving Roland
  • Teaching Emma
  • Respecting Henry’s memory loss
  • Protecting the entire Charming family, specifically the unborn baby
  • Teaching Emma magic
  • Admitting Emma’s strength
  • Encouraging the Savior to see her potential
  • Joining and fighting with good now

Doesn’t count towards anything- doesn’t count as “work” because Regina didn’t say the word "sorry"? Have you heard the expression "Actions speak louder than words"? Because ACTIVELY-

  • Regina is redeeming herself.
  • She is making dramatic strides towards good.
  • She is saving lives, literally and on more than one occasion.
  • She is actively protecting the family she once sought to destroy.
  • She is allying with them.
  • Fighting with them.
  • Protecting them.
  • She is being unselfish.
  • Thinking of Henry and their entire family first.
  • Putting the safety of an unborn child as a priority. 

This doesn’t need to be debated. I can’t see an argument about this, honestly. I’m trying to get you to see what you’re saying here. You are fixated on a single word. “Sorry” Mary Margaret, David, Emma, Henry… they are not worried about hearing her claim to be apologetic, especially when honesty isn’t her best quality. They are wanting her to be a better person. And she is. She is being an amazing person. She has come so far and while the word sorry may hold deep meaning to you, it does not seem to be the case with the characters she has wronged. They want her to be better. She is. She earned that moment hands down, no arguments. 


Regina is protecting Mary Margaret’s unborn child and if you don’t think she has the most remarkable character development you are wrong.


Bleeding Through Promo.


They came a long way.

Don’t worry, we’ll watch Henry when he gets back from the store.

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A Queen and a thief  

[skips formalities] THEY’RE MARRIED 

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