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cs hiatus meme ♥ [1/4] Physical Contacts

3x05 Good Form, the kiss

The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial one in any love story. ~ Emil Ludwig


Young Regina



"Because of her, he misses." [x]

I love this interview. Bless Bobby’s expressive face and hands. Such perfection, I swear. :D

Emma Swan hair appreciation post in 1x18.


what emma needs (inspiration)


3.09 | save henry


Probably my favorite picture to come out so far, because not only do you get a fantastic view of Elsa’s costume, but also it looks like Elsa took one look at Captain Swan and forgot how to legs.



Spoilers from the set, Thanks Erin for sending this!


I’m a witch, I’m a lover,

I’m a Mayor, I’m a mother,

I’m a villain, I’m your dream,

Long live the Evil Queen


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