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 - What’s your guilty pleasure?

 - Definitely Starbucks.




Are we going to talk about this?

Snow’s face is the best thing here.


anyone else with me on that


Past - Present


Livestream links for Season 4 Episode 4 : The Apprentice

  • Those not in the US, you can watch the show live (not as a download) on livestream ( only EST):
    Stream 1 
    Stream 2
    Stream 3
    Stream 4
  • As for downloads: Due to piracy issues we cannot post download links here ( google can help you ).
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  • The show starts at 8pm EST. Do make sure you calculate your own time difference. For a little help, check this site (or use XKit’s Widgets to add World Clock with EST to your dash).
  • If you’re still confused, there is a countdown clock on our main page.
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"Losing her must have been … so hard."

          “I t   w a s.”




For science, reblog if you’re an OQer and don’t want Marian to die.

To show the rest of the fandom, we’re not that desperate and on the contrary, wish for Roland to have his mother while OQ can still live.



[ hōm ] noun

noun: home; plural noun: homes

1. the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.


4x05 Scan


A fairytale princess at last…


Everyone has a second chance

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